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Update On A Possible Cruiserweight Show On The WWE Network

– As noted, there are plans to do a multi-week series on the WWE Network that is built around lighter wrestlers (cruiserweights). Plans are sketchy right now, but the working idea is to produce ten episodes with a tournament with “unknown” wrestlers. This show would feature wrestlers that are not on NXT or the main roster and they would weigh less than 205 pounds.

The current plan is to do it in the summer, and multiple people in the company have confirmed that the idea is in the planning stages. One idea that was brought up was to feature independent wrestlers with the idea being that they would sign names that get over on the show. There was another idea to feature “hot indie” wrestlers with some current WWE developmental talent.

WWE sent out a production schedule for the show this week.

– 14 of the last 16 weeks of main event segments on RAW have involved Roman Reigns.