Update on Bisping vs. Silva, ‘BJ Penn’ Rule Instituted After Fight Controversy

– Michael Bisping recently posted a blog, stating that the proposed fight with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 105 is off. Here is what he had to say…



“Quick update on the potential Wanderlei Silva fight. Unfortunately thats not gonna happen. He’s undergone facial surgery, so obviously won’t be fighting in the near future. Rumours are he’s actually out for the rest of the year. So as of right now, Im still unaware of who I’ll be facing at UFC 105. Obviously as stated before, when I know, you know.”

UFC officials hope to find a suitable replacement in order to keep Bisping in the main event of the show.

– Due to the controversy surrounding the use of Vaseline at UFC 94 in the title fight between BJ Penn and Georges St-Pierre, the NSAC has approved language prohibiting the use of foreign substances on a fighter’s body prior to or during a fight that “could result in an unfair advantage.”

Dubbed as the “B.J. Penn Rule,” the use of foreign substances will now be added to a list of “fouls” in the Nevada Administrative Code that address tactics illegal to fighters, such as eye gouging, small joint manipulation, or biting.

BJ Penn’s lawyer, Raffi Nahabedian, was present at the meetings and said the change was an important step in preventing future controversy. He also suggested that fighters should be forced to take supervised pre-fight showers upon arrival at the venue which would eliminate any oily or greasy substances that had been previously rubbed into their skin. The commission said they would take the matter under future consideration. The rules while in writing may take up to 30 days to be implemented.

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