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Update on Charlotte Flair’s status after NXT title win

Charlotte NXT Champion


    Sasha bank the only one out of the 4 horsewomen without any gold

  • jedi

    Well that’s sounds horrible….way to build new stars by pushing sub par talent bases off their daddys legacy…

  • CC

    “He also noted that the reason why the company put the title on Charlotte is to help NXT in the rating war with AEW Dynamite.”

    Wow, nobody could have guessed that. We all know WWE thinks Charlotte is a draw, even though she blatantly is not.

    As for working RAW and NXT, why? That makes no sense. If she is the NXT champ then she stays on NXT and they can bring her back to RAW some other way once she finally drops the title.
    One show a week with her pushed down our throats is bad enough, so two is overkill.