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Update on Extreme Rules’ main event

The night where WWE goes “extreme” is not too far away and with most of the matches announced for the highly anticipated pay-per-view, several speculations are making the rounds regarding the match that will close the show.

As per Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley could go on to main event Extreme Rules. The two powerhouses of the red brand have been embroiled in a clash of egos for quite a while now and they will square off against each other for the very first time at the upcoming pay-per-view. Both these stars are on the path for the Universal Championship currently held by Brock Lesnar.

Also, The Miz might miss the show as he is currently slated to participate in the All-Stars Legends and Celebrity Softball game that takes place on the same day as Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules is scheduled to take place on 15 July at the PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh.

  • F Reigns

    I hope either the crowd craps all over this match if it’s the last match on, or stay completely quiet, or even better, just walks out. Since WWE clearly doesn’t care about people booing Roman, let’s see how they like it when they just walk out on the man. If he’s not the last match on the card, use that as the toilet break, just walk out, go to the can, buy yourself a beer, and just hang out until the match is over, then return to your seat.

  • blkwolf13

    Reigns never ends and Lashley has been used pooorly since his return. No one cares about this fight

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I can already hear a lot of “boos” during this so-called main event. This feud is so cold. Styles and Rusev are both over right now.

  • F Reigns

    This is not a main event! The WWE title is being defended, that means THAT should be the main event. I am sick and tired of WWE putting Reigns on last when he isn’t in a blood feud or going for a title; it devalues the actual titles that people hold. Hell, even the Nia/Bliss match has more right to be the main event than this match.