Update on Henry’s Recent Incident, Khali Causes a Riot in India

Partial source: F4Wonline.com



– Within WWE, there wasn’t too much talk about Mark Henry’s recent arrest on the European tour after a fan incident and it’s said Henry has no heat on him. The feeling is that Henry is a mild-mannered guy and the fan did something to provoke him.

– News outlets in India are reporting that The Great Khali missed an appearance at Tau Devi Lal Stadium on Sunday because of a contractual obligation with a sports channel and because of this missed appearance, the fans who were waiting for him caused a riot where women and children were “running for their lives.”

“We had clarified verbally to the organizers about 10 days back that Khali would not be able to attend the event and we also had returned them the money,” said Amit Swami, a spokesman for The Great Khali. Apparently the promoters still advertised Khali as appearing.

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