Update on How Chavo Guerrero is Being Used on RAW, is he Happy?

– Many fans have been disgruntled with the treatment of Chavo Guerrero on RAW over the past few months, having being made a fool of by almost all of the RAW guest hosts and in particular Hornswoggle.



One fan addressed this issue on Jim Ross’ official Website via his Q&A section, asking if Guerrero had upset WWE management and saying it was hard to accept Eddie Guerrero’s nephew “being reduced to this.”

Ross said the following: “First of all it isn’t fair to compare Chavo to Eddy. Secondly, Chavo seems happy to me as he is working steady and earning good money. Every one in WWE knows what Chavo can do but he is currently cast in a more unique role that is featuring comedy. There is something to be said of a personality having regular work and earning a living doing it.”

Chavo Guerrero himself has also expressed his content at the way he is currently being used by WWE. “Do you guys realize that last week I was on The Soup, and the No. 1 searched video on Yahoo because of my feud with Hornswoggle,” he said via his Twitter page.

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