Update On Iron Sheik Flight Disturbance Story

As noted earlier today, there is an unconfirmed report that The Iron Sheik was arrested last week after behaving belligerent on a flight and personnel discovering alcohol among his belongings. The story appears legit as Jim Ross made note of a flight incident involving the WWE Hall of Famer on both his official website and Twitter account last week.



J.R. wrote in a blog post last Friday: “Small world….an old friend of mine was on a flight from Vegas to Atlanta this week and was seated on the same row, row 10, with a reportedly rowdy Iron Sheik. My friend, who is not in the wrestling biz, sent me a few text messages describing the scene which apparently was a little wild. It’s hard to believe that when I first met the Iron Sheik that he was quiet, weighed about 195 pounds or so, had hair, and was then a regular traveling partier with Danny Hodge.”

He then wrote on Twitter, “Friend called from Vegas airport boarding flt 2 Atl. It was loud & noisy. Reason: Iron Sheik was boarding! Maybe 2 many jabroni’s” and “My friend called me and Sheik got met by PO-leese @ ATL airport. Ouch, Daddy.”

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