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Update on Jason Jordan’s in-ring future

Jason Jordan

Jason Jodan, arguably one of WWE’s best technical wrestlers was written off television after a neck injury. The injury seemed to be worse than imagined as it put a halt to Jordan’s in-ring career. Having been away from the in-ring action for over seven months now, the former NXT Tag-Team Champion joined the backroom staff as a producer.

Jordan was set in for a big push after being revealed as RAW General Manager Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. He claimed the RAW Tag Team Championship along with Seth Rollins after Dean Ambrose suffered a long-term injury.  Moreover, a high profile match was planned for the technical star before the injury struck.

Despite the successful surgery to treat his neck injury, reports claimed that Jordan’s career was finished. However, the former member of American Alpha has come up with a positive update after posting a tweet where he mentioned that his condition is improving and also added that he is optimistic about his return to the ring one day. Jordan wrote:

“I’m ready to attack this week and make huge improvements! I’ve been trying to keep my eye on the prize and look at the big picture. I’m still on the road to recovery and I’m very optimistic about getting back to where I belong!”

Check out Jason Jordan’s tweet below

  • EVH

    Just as i’ve said about Paige i’ll say about Jordan: age is on his side. He can afford to step back for a year or two and be reevaluated. If he was in his late 30’s-early 40’s i’d say a return was a longshot, but he can take time to recover, let that neck heal, and still be in his prime.

  • Greg Bush

    I’d love to see Jordan come back. The guy had so much potential, and I really think he was hitting his stride before the injury. Hopefully he does make a full recovery.

  • CC

    Considering what happened to Paige, WWE may be a lot more reluctant these days to let anyone with this kinda injury back in the ring at all.
    In recent years medical procedures have improved, but the aforementioned Paige and also Tyson Kidd have shown that some injuries are just too severe to risk returning.