Update On Jeff Hardy’s Status With TNA

Little has been said regarding Jeff Hardy’s status with TNA Wrestling since his return to the promotion during the first live Monday edition of iMPACT! on Jan. 4. TNA did not bother to mention him on subsequent television broadcasts not to mention that the company website has yet to add a bio on him to its roster page.



In an update on the matter, it would appear that Hardy’s appearance three weeks ago on iMPACT! was not a one-time deal and that he will be making further appearances for the promotion in the near future.

Apparently revealing the name of his partnership with Shannon Moore, Hardy tweeted the following on Monday:

“HeavensDemons…airhedge&itchweeed ready to hitTNA with some shockfactor..you dig thy name…HeavensDemons?”

For those unaware, Hardy refers to himself as “itchweed” and Moore as “airhedge.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but it be should be noted that it is legit as Max of Generation Y retweeted his post, calling it a “great name.”

Two more former WWE stars likely joining TNA soon ->

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