Update on Jimmy Snuka’s Reality Show, WWE Stars Mock Movie Scene, More

– Bitmob.com has a feature up with WWE Superstars Ted DiBiase and Cryme Tyme mocking Jean Claude Van Damme’s speech from the Street Fighter movie. Check it out at this link.



– Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign is now up with ads on ABC affiliates in New York City every day.

– The South Town Star has an article up talking about Jimmy Snuka shopping around his new reality TV show. The show, created by Jimmy and his wife, follows him around as he works various 9-5 jobs. The tentative name for the show is The Superfly Challenge and Snuka has been asking fans at indy shows he’s worked for ideas on the jobs he can work.

“It’s just something to keep me occupied and meeting wonderful people, and I enjoy doing the reality show with them. It’s just a tremendous feeling that I love so much,” Snuka told The South Town Star. “It’s coming along real well. We’re shopping right now, and we’re waiting for somebody to let us know what’s up there.”

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