Update on Lilian Garcia and RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Turns 65, NBC’s WM Special

– Confirmed television listings for this weekend reveal that New York’s NBC 4 will not be airing the heavily-hyped WrestleMania 25 special. Set to instead air the preseason NFL game between the New York Giants and New York Jets, NBC 4 removes a major US market–the New York metropolitan area–from the WrestleMania viewership equation.



– In addition to Vince McMahon celebrating a birthday yesterday, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson also celebrated one, turning 65.

– When asked on Twitter yesterday if last night’s RAW would be her final night with WWE, Lilian Garcia responded with the following: “Nooooo!! Tonight is NOT my last night!!! That was a rumor. I should be here a few more weeks. Thks for all the love everyone!”

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