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Update on Randy Orton tattoo lawsuit

Randy Orton

We noted before how a tattoo artist was suing WWE and others for using the tattoos he inked on Randy Orton into WWE games without permission.

Now Pwinsider is reporting that a trial date of 4/27/20 has been scheduled for the lawsuit the artist Catherine Alexander has brought against these companies.

The artist is claiming that all of her tattoo work on the former World Champion are original designs which she owns and she has not given permission for them to be used in WWE games.

In the lawsuit filed last year, Alexander claims that she made those tattoos between 2003 to 2008 and they “are easily recognized by his fans and members of the public.”

So far WWE has not reacted to this development or the lawsuit but we’ll keep you posted in case the company says anything. Randy Orton has not been named as a defendant in the suit and the Legend Killer has been silent about the issue too.

  • Nick Scott

    Even then it probably wouldn’t get anywhere, the tattoo is on the person, the person has a contract and image rights with there employer who then licenses there product to 2K.
    The fact that those copyright owners have had no issue with them being seen on weekly TV, monthly ppv or films would call to question why object to use in a video game

  • Leo Erskine

    Thq went out of business 2k and yukes makes the game

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    She is suing everybody involved with the game, creators, publishers, half a dozen companies

  • She’ll lose the lawsuit, but now everyone knows who does Orton’s tattoos, and that’ll be a boon for business.

  • CC

    Except if she is suing WWE she is suing the wrong people. The game is made by THQ, so that is who can be sued in this, not WWE.
    We have seen multiple times before with talent being used in the game that the deal is with THQ not WWE (this is why Mysterio appeared in the game before he re-signed with WWE).

  • oppa

    Since WWE would send a letter threatening to sue if the shoe was on the other foot, I’m not mad at this.

  • CC

    She is just having a try at something she has no chance of winning. Once you tattoo someone, you do not own those tattoos and the person they are on can do what they want with them.
    Plus, why has it taken her so long to decide this? Maybe her tattoo parlour has fallen on hard times and thinks she can make a quick buck to dig her out of a hole.

    The only exception I could see to this rule is if someone has brand logos like CM Punk and The Hurricane have, which if included in a game could potentially be trademark infringement if they do not get permission.