Update on Shaq’s Return to RAW, Rey Mysterio’s Upcoming Book, RAW Darks

Partial source: F4Wonline.com



– Rey Mysterio’s upcoming autobiography titled “Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask” will be released on November 10th. Jeremy Roberts, who has written on a variety of subjects, is the co-writer of the book. The description, courtesy of Amazon.com, is as follows, “Rey Mysterio is the wrestler that defies the odds, small of stature, and wrestling in the Mexican style, yet he is one of the most popular Superstars.”

– The advertised dark match main event for RAW in Chicago, in three weeks, is John Cena & HHH vs. Legacy in a handicap match. HHH & Cena vs. Legacy in a handicap match is also a dark match main event for RAW in Albany, NY on September 28th.

– The latest word is that WWE is hoping to get Shaquille O’Neal to appear on the August 31 edition of RAW. Sources close to Shaq, however, say it is far from a done deal as the NBA great is concerned that working the wrestling event might distract from his focus on promoting “Shaq Vs.” and the upcoming NBA season. Nonetheless, WWE is firmly committed to making it happen.

With LeBron James scheduled to host a future edition of WWE RAW, it would make sense to book the two teammates together on the show, although nothing–be it a Shaq vs. Big Show encounter or LeBron’s hosting date–is confirmed at press time.

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