Update On Ted DiBiase Following Concussion, More Expected Superstar Call-ups, Batista

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— The submission hold Batista has been utilizing as of late was featured on Blake Norton’s recently released documentary profiling WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart, Surviving the Dungeon. In the piece, Hart can be seen placing the scissored armbar on Norton and referring to it as “The Stu Lock.”

— The decision to debut “the mystery trio” seen last night on Raw was made last week after plans for The Colóns to feud with The Hart Dynasty were dashed as a result of Carlito’s refusal to enter a company-mandated rehabilitation program. More call-ups from developmental are expected as it believed that one or two more FCW workers will be summoned to the main roster in the near future.

— Ted DiBiase suffered a concussion very early in his match with R-Truth this past Sunday night at Over The Limit when Truth slapped him across the face and knocked him loopy. Despite this, DiBiase continued to work, taking several more bumps before the bout was prematurely concluded.

DiBiase is expected to be kept out the ring for a weeks so he can heal. He did not compete at last night’s Raw taping in Toledo, Ohio.

See the video of Ted DiBiase almost being knocked out by R-Truth ->

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