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Update on the Complaint That Got Daniel Bryan Fired & the RAW Angle

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Word is that someone outside of WWE with a lot of power made a complaint to Vince McMahon about Bryan choking Justin Roberts with his own tie on RAW because a scene like that was too violent for WWE. The belief among some if that in that incident, Bryan broke a company protocol that was put in place after the Chris Benoit tragedy that no talents were to use ropes or other objects to choke opponents. Obviously this has been done other times since the Benoit tragedy but the feeling is that it was this particular angle with Bryan and Roberts that got someone powerful enough to complain.

The footage of Bryan choking Roberts was edited off replays as was the footage of him spitting on John Cena. As of late last night, the footage of Bryan choking Roberts was still on WWE’s YouTube page but it has since been removed.

Who exactly made the complaint isn’t known yet but it had to be someone with a lot of influence to get a name like Danielson released. There’s speculation that it could be anyone from Mattel to people in Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign. Vince McMahon called WWE’s partnership with Mattel a game-changer and it’s possible that we’re really seeing Mattel’s influence now. It’s important to note that Mattel making the complaint is not confirmed.

  • erik

    okay so daniel bryan gets fired for choking someone with tie. So randy orton kicking vince in head with his boot as punt, hhh, orton dropping hhh wife on her head with ddt last year and hhh hitting horbnwoggle with pedigree is okay!

  • Eric Millan

    Something is wrong with the WWE they release Shelton Benjamin, Mickie James, Bryan Danielson, & Carlito what’s next huh?

  • josh

    what do you see in daniel Bryan he is a one trick pony with no future potential

  • booyaka 619

    realeseing him for that was a big setback all it was was a camel cluth with a tie thats all and i read some reports that it was also becuz he spit in cenas face if thats the case randy oton has spit in mick foleys face before john cena choked out jbl and made him bleed so i dont get why the released a superstar that was a big part of this angle quote said by danielson “you are not better than me!you are not better than me!”

  • db

    its a conspiracy Bryans gone because he was the best wrestler on the nxt show. he has more experience than half the new flamers like zack ryder and that fag dolph ziggler. its a shame they make people who cant wrestle larger than life and the ones who can wwe tosses away, shelton benjamin, beth pheonix, jeff hardy, RVD, the liost goes on an on

  • Rod!!!!!!!!!

    BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE! thats all i have to say pg sucks in wrestling let the parents decide whats bad or good for their kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paton

    Cena STFU’s Umaga with the ring ropes for like 5 minutes and probably got a pat on the back for invention

  • gtatitan7

    the only thing saving wwe from goin under is the 5 yr olds cuz there program is terrible!!! NXT maybe cool but wwe will mess it up n prolly end up release half the guys!!!

  • fisher

    Surely Danielson was told to choke the announcer since hardly anything in WWE is ad lib anymore so why the hell wasn’t the booking team released. wouldn’t do the company any harm.

  • Devil_Rising


    We’re not complaining for the REASON Danielson got fired. We’re complaining that he got fired AT ALL, because he’s probably one of the best young pro wrestlers in the world right now, and WWE would totally benefit from having a CLEAN LIVING, sober and no-nonsense kid like him on the roster, and as a future star.

    And, with that in mind, if these rumors have any validity to them, and he WAS fired just for this insane situation that like many others here, was probably scripted to begin with, then it is even more retarded than usual. WWE is turning to garbage because of exactly stupid moves like this. I really hope they bring him back, otherwise, what a “making it to the bigtime” horror story.

    In all honesty, he would have been better off just coming up to the main roster when he signed, like they were supposedly going to do. Instead, he showed class, and wanted to “work off ring rust”, and work his way up from FCW, to “earn” his spot. And that right there, is why he belongs in the company. Because he’s class.

  • Moe

    what is with this site…..I keep getting redirected to horseshit sites… I’m done here…too many pop ups… Just brutal. I’ll get my news from somewhere else!

  • kammy

    ok? umm and Cena can slam some1 through the arena?????????????

  • Austin

    If chokeslams get you fired Big Show,Kane,Undertaker would be gone for a while now. Also wouldnt Takers Hells gates be considered as a choke(it made people bleed through there mouths probably not for real though). Well hopefully Daniel Bryan will reaturn.

  • Tap Or Snap

    This doesn’t appear to be a storyline (I hope that I am wrong though), and this is a terrible mind boggling decision by WWE. Bryan Danielson = a better all around more talented wrestler than Cena, and more over with the live WWE audiences(kids and all), not to mention the online wrestling community. If he really has been released, bring him back immediately.

  • Boondock Saint

    Wow, Cena is tweeting about signing the petition to get Danielson rehired. Respect

  • Tony A.

    “no talents were to use ropes or other objects to choke opponents”

    I wonder if they told Daniel about this rule when he signed with the company? If you’re going to ban choking with objects, every move that resembles a choke (ex. sleeper, chokeslam) should also be banned. I wonder if Justin Roberts was punished? He allowed Daniel to choke him with the tie.

  • Gigan

    yeah… I knew WWE would finally get a good story line then fuck it up ONE week in.

  • robert

    WWE fucked up once again, he was one of the most talented rookies on NXT…..god I miss the old days

  • danny

    remember cryme time was released for giving the ref there finisher because he called an abrupt ending to there match because he wasnt a trained wreslter then brought them back im sure this falls into that category…… but it will seem odd that bryan was fired for what he did but everyone else will go un punished hurts the storyline

  • kannon

    i don’t want to sit here and say oh it was over the top and such, but I have it recorded and have watched it over and over again. It looks as though the the ring announcer wasn’t expecting it. Also it looks really bad to where you can see him trying to get his finger in between the tie and his throat. Now should Brian be fired? NO EFIN WAY! May be suspended but not fired. How the hell will this angle work now? Mattel can shove this wwe pg bullsh** up their arses.

  • TheShootingStar

    FUCK Linda and her pointless “i have lots of money” political campaign!

  • Orkyboy

    How can the WWE fire a wrestler for following their instructions and doing a storyline they created? I refuse to believe he did this off his own back.

    If I got fired from work for following my bosses orders I would straight on to my lawyers and sue them into the ground.

  • what

    come on peeps get over it Danielson is very similar a Benoit, technically talkin, everybody see Bryan like Benoit, that scare McMahon’ pants, Bryan is as good as Benoit was and his in ring performance is very similar, ask Bret hart he’ll tell you

  • Will Henderson

    @boondock Saint: you want real wrestling, go with the Indys, Mexico and Japan. because the American Mainstream Wrestling won’t make you happy right now.

  • Boondock Saint

    I don’t think I’ll be watching wrestling for a while, this whole situation is beyond stupid and I just can’t bring myself to watch TNA so yeah I’m done. I will come back if or when Danielson comes back but yeah after Katie Vick, Triple H’s super championship reign, and now this I think the camel’s back is pretty much broken.

  • 321kid with a razor

    Wow< a lot of great examples. But the best examples are wwe poster boy John cena. Throwing Batista off a car. His STFU is kinda a choke the way he uses it. Being handcuffed and hung up on the post outside by Orton and Then gets beat by a singapore cane. I hope Bryan goes to TNA and has 5 star matches to bring back the X division

  • terry

    if this move was illegal as they claim, woudlnt they tell daniel and all of the other wrestlers not to do it?? another bs excuse wwe..

  • Rodd

    Damn why couldnt micheal tarver had choked him and been released

  • Jimbo

    wait a minute….are they trying to make us forget about Cena choking out Batista with the ring rope a couple of months ago? hmmm…….

  • Tomo

    Legend Killer makes a great point. They expect us to forget that Edge and Christian were brothers for 4 or 5 years on TV yet we can’t be reminded of something we weren’t there to see and just read on the internet or heard on the news?
    Then Eric Nixon makes a great point about the crossface being used. I see that move, I think of Benoit. I saw Danielson choke Justin with his tie with no thoughts of Benoit at all.

  • stockshark

    They must have took a good look at him and sent that troll back to live under his bridge LOL What a loser!!!! HE HELLA SUCKED ANYWAY !!!! Future jobber!!!

  • Burt

    I cannot wait to get my Daniel Bryan Mattel action figure and have him choke out my Justin Roberts Mattel action figure with his nifty included suit tie! Oh, wait….

  • kriskooo

    this is bullshit the most lamest excuse i’ve ever heard! can’t we make a petition or something to get him back… i dont know..this really pisses me off :@ this invasion angle was the best things the’ve come up in YEARS and now because of this “release” it went down the toilet…. BOTTOM LINE IS WAY TO GO WWE YOU SCREWED UP YET AGAIN !!!!!!!!

  • JD

    I like how we’re all complaining about the way Danielson was fired even though it’s in no way confirmed that the reason for his firing was the “tie” incident. I can write “sources” and “several reports” too, doesn’t make it true.

  • little kid

    I just killed my friend with the STF whens cena getting released?

  • Mark

    WWE just keeps playing into TNA’s hands with these silly releases.

  • Mark

    This is the most bizarre WWE release ever. Surely the ring announcer knew what was going to happen before the storyline took place. He must have been told that he was going to be choked by Danielson as they plan these things out before the show goes out.

    WWE just keeps shooting itself in the foot. Wake up Vince !!!!!

  • rko

    This is beyond ridiculous. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  • Dave S.

    The WWE is retarded.wrestling is violent.

  • Soulshroude

    The complaint came straight from Linda McMahon this much is obvious. Hell, she along with Hillary Clinton were the ones to instigate the ESRB clause on video games, of course she would pull power and rank in WWE even though she is no longer affiliated with the company. LINDA is still GOD in or out of WWE regarding anything WWE.

  • Fushigi

    It looked like that poofy haired rookie was going to choke Cena with the ring ropes, but then he changed his mind for some reason. I wonder if he remembered something, or somebody wispered something to him.

  • Eric Nixon

    The whole thing comes down to Chris Benoit’s existence has been completely wiped from the WWE, and anything that could make you think about him is not allowed. He strangled his kid, so you can’t strangle people.

    However, in accordance with WWE’s “Vince can be a hypocrite” policy, HHH and HBK are allowed to use the Crippler Crossface.

  • John

    Right ok, can someone explain this to me? Why is Danielson punished for choking someone (which obviously he was told to do) but at Extreme Rules Sheamus attacks HHH with a steel pipe. So basically what WWE is saying is “It’s bad to choke someone but it’s ok to hit people with pipes or chairs or put them through tables or even punch them)

  • Devil_Rising

    So…..HHH smashing someone in the face with a hammer, Randy Orton kicking people in the head, people getting put through tables, hit by chairs, etc. etc. etc….is okay? Having “first blood” or “stretcher” matches is okay. Spearing someone through the guardrail, or slamming someone on the metal stage…all okay.

    But someone choking a ring announcer with his TIE? Not okay? Fire worthy, even though you’re supposed to be a future star for the company? I don’t think this had a damned thing to do with Mattel. I think 100% it had to do with Linda’s stupid campaign. And in that case…God damn. The B*tch has no business in politics anyway, let ALONE to be a senator. What qualifications could she possibly have?

    And because of this, WWE, a form of entertainment based around people pretending to beat the s**t out of each other, has to “PG” itself. How absolutely pathetic.

    Oh well Bryan. Hopefully, if they ever DO bring you back, they’ll actually call you BRYAN DANIELSON. Just remember, no choking anyone. Nope, better stick to dropping people on piles of thumbtacks instead.

  • jimbo

    last i checked, doesnt wwe pay them to make their toys….just sayin….

  • Joe

    There’s a saying in the wrestling business… “It ain’t ballet”. Enough said. I hope Brian Danielson turns up either in TNA soon, where they can actually do something edgy, or else gets his job back. I hate the influence of politics and toy companies. It’s causing WWE to not be WWE. The NXT ending was the coolest ending to RAW in years, and those idiots have problems with it. BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE!

  • Jon-Jon

    I collect Mattel figures, and they are absolutely AMAZING! WAY BETTER THAN JAKKS!!! But this is the opne thing that has made me mad from Mattel. I do believe that they’d do something like this, because of there connection to other kid’s products.

  • Scooter

    *come on fuck another mistake

  • Scooter

    duh me gonna go choke my frend with my ty but me won’t hit ppl with mikes cuz kofi iz gd guy and i dnt copi teh gd gys jst teh bd gys
    ^come one even the kids aren’t that stupid

  • Legend Killer

    Surely he was instructed to do that? Even if he wasn’t i think that’s a stupid reason to release someone. Get over Benoit, it’s history now. It’s funny actually because WWE usually think we have brains like sieves anyway.

  • Keylo

    As both are acts of violence no ? which is why I still believe this is an angle

  • Keylo

    Hi can some one please explain to me as I must be slow or something as how is choking someone with a tie,different to smashing a microphone into Drew’s heads ?