Update on the DiBiase Brothers in WWE, Heat on Abraham Washington and More

Source: F4W Newsletter



– The dark match before last night’s RAW in Vegas saw Alex Riley cut a heel promo and then lose to Jamie Noble.

– Abraham Washington has been getting some heat in certain circles within WWE with people saying he has a huge ego and his talk show character portrayed on ECW is very close to his real-life persona.

– Brett DiBiase, who appeared on RAW last night, was described by one WWE source as a “stud” who is more relaxed than his brother Ted when the cameras are on. The other DiBiase, Mike, is said to have potential as well but has a lot of different problems which is why he’s not being called up and with WWE. There was a plan by WWE at one point to have all three of the DiBiase brothers team up in a “Billionaire Boys Society” and make them “preppy pompous asses.”

On the other hand, some say Brett DiBiase has potential but they’re surprised he’s been called up to the main roster already because he’s still very green.

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