Update on the Flair/Hogan Reality Show, Why Sting Interview Didn’t Air, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Hulk Hogan will be starting his own sports nutrition website soon, something similar to what Bobby Lashley has. Hogan will be at the Arnold Classic in March of 2010 promoting the new site.

– Hogan, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake and The Nasty Boys were recently filming footage in Australia for the pilot to the Hogan/Flair reality TV show.

– The current plan for Sting is to tease him and try telling a story about why he keeps no-showing interviews and tie it in with Hulk Hogan coming in.

While it may have looked like TNA advertised Sting for an interview on iMPACT this past week with no intention of airing one, that was not the original plan. The original plan was to air the interview with Sting but they changed their minds last minute.

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