Update on the Fortunate Sons, Ryder Injury Update, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Former WWE star and Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli is now working as a personal trainer at Ideal Fitness in Louisville, Kentucky.

– Dos Caras has been using the name Alberto Castillo at recent WWE live events. Caras’ real name is Alberto Rodriguez.

– As mentioned before, Zack Ryder suffered a concussion during the match with R-Truth, The Miz and John Morrison on Monday’s RAW. Ryder also had to get stitches that night.

– There has been at least some talk of bringing in Brett DiBiase to the main WWE roster once he returns from injury this Fall for the planned Fortunate Sons stable with Ted DiBiase and NXT Rookie Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig). Of course this would all depend on what happens between now and then, which could be anything.

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