Update on the Problems Between Bubba the Love Sponge/TNA

– Regarding the situation with Bubba the Love Sponge in TNA, apparently he gave around 1,000 tickets to his listeners that were given to him by TNA. Bubba said on his radio show yesterday that staff at Universal Studios told his fans that the passes weren’t real and many fans were turned away and had to watch the show from the Hard Rock Cafe.



Bubba said yesterday that either someone from Universal or from TNA got on stage at Hard Rock during the viewing party and buried him. Apparently AJ Styles appeared at Hard Rock after iMPACT and also buried Bubba in front of the fans. Bubba said when he appeared at Hard Rock to address the fans, he was boo’d and spat on and had things thrown at him by the angry fans.

Bubba said that following iMPACT last night, he refused to return text messages from Dixie Carter or Hulk Hogan and refused to take calls from them. Bubba said yesterday that he was probably done with TNA but apparently he was at last night’s tapings.

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