Update on the Visa Troubles with Barrett & McIntyre, Sheamus News

– Word is that WWE creative has been told not to expect Wade Barrett or Drew McIntyre back until after SummerSlam in August. It’s still possible they could be back sooner.



This is bad news with Barrett being the leader of The Nexus stable and with the new report that McIntyre was scheduled to win the SmackDown briefcase at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

A fan saw McIntyre in Scotland this weekend so apparently he’s back home also.

There has been some speculation that WWE Champion Sheamus may get caught up in the same work visa situation but the feeling from one WWE source is that either WWE caught it on Sheamus’ end while missing it on Barrett & McIntyre’s end, or Sheamus was proactive in bringing the situation to WWE’s attention and they handled it without thinking about Drew or Wade.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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