Update on TNA’s 6 Sided Ring, Note from the iMPACT Tapings and More

Partial source: F4Wonline.com



– Several fans have wrote in confused about the three nights of TNA iMPACT tapings this week and how a lot of it didn’t make sense. For some reason, TNA taped all the shows pretty much out of order this week, so it should go together better on TV.

– TNA star Daniels took a shot at the company ditching the six-sided ring on Twitter with the following comment: “Good news and bad news for TNA fans-> Bad: the six sided ring isn’t coming back! Good: next month we’ll implement two three sided rings!”

– TNA is taking their six-sided ring to the UK with them for the upcoming tour. No TV will be filmed while they’re there. For what it’s worth, some in TNA are under the impression that we haven’t seen the last of the six-sided ring.

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