Update on TNA’s Lawsuit Against Scott Steiner, New Havok Video Interview, TNA Star Turns 30

– In the video below, TNA Knockout Havok talks with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald about her character, getting to TNA and more:



– TNA star Tyrus turns 35 years old today while Crimson turns 30.

– TNA’s lawsuit against Scott Steiner from 2012 is now scheduled to go to court on June 5th and will run for four days. The lawsuit was scheduled for trial in 2014 but was pushed back at the last minute.

The lawsuit comes after TNA claimed in 2012 that Steiner breached his contract by making disparaging comments about the company, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and others. TNA is seeking an injunction to stop Steiner from speaking out and damages. Steiner denied that he ever agreed to not disparage TNA, that speaking out against them would breach his deal, that he ignored requests to stop, that he’s in a legal agreement with TNA and that TNA suffered as a result of his actions. Steiner also stated that his TNA deal had expired and while he was offered a new one, he turned it down.

Source: PWInsider

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