Update On Top Stars Leaving WWE After SmackDown

WWE fans experienced a sense of surprise and intrigue when they witnessed Edge’s unexpected appearance in the opening video package for SmackDown this week. Despite not being an active part of the show, his presence in WWE programming ignited hope among fans that he might have reconciled with WWE. However, it appears that this might not be the case after all.



There has been persistent speculation among both fans and members of the WWE creative team regarding Edge’s potential move to AEW according to Ringside News.  This speculation has remained consistent and unchanged since Edge allowed his WWE contract to expire after his SmackDown match against Sheamus in Toronto. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his wrestling future, the prevailing belief within WWE remains that Edge is likely headed for AEW.

Edge’s appearance in the SmackDown video package has added another layer of intrigue to his wrestling journey, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any developments regarding his next wrestling destination.

Gable Steveson made his presence felt in NXT when he assisted Eddy Thorpe in training for a RAW Underground match against his own brother, Damon Kemp, in July 2023. Subsequently, he squared off against Baron Corbin at the Great American Bash, giving fans a taste of his wrestling prowess. Steveson also made a notable appearance on WWE RAW in his home state in early August, further fueling excitement about his potential.

However, the wrestling world was taken by surprise when Gable Steveson initially entered the freestyle division of the Senior World Championships. Even more baffling was his abrupt withdrawal from the tournament just a couple of weeks later. Wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer commented on the peculiarity of the situation, highlighting the lack of clarity surrounding Steveson’s participation. He noted that despite ongoing speculation, WWE had not provided a definitive answer regarding his involvement.

In an effort to shed light on Gable Steveson’s current status within WWE, Ringside News reached out for information. A reliable source within the company revealed that Steveson’s situation remains uncertain. It appears that the company, despite having shown keen interest in him just a month ago, has yet to determine the direction of his WWE journey. As fans eagerly await further developments, the enigma surrounding Gable Steveson’s role in WWE continues to captivate the wrestling world.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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