Update on WWE Wanting to Sign More Ring of Honor Talents, Nigel Angle & More

Source: PWInsider



– Regarding WWE and interest in top Ring of Honor stars, there was interest several months back in Bryan Danielson as the creative plan was to bring him in as Brian Kendrick’s mystery partner on the RAW brand. The plan was scrapped once Kendrick ended up on the chopping block.

With Nigel McGuinness, WWE was aware of him in the past as they once instructed Ohio Valley Wrestling to stop featuring him on their TV show because he wasn’t a contracted talent. WWE never made a strong push to sign him even though WWE talents such as William Regal had tried to get him signed. TNA had been interested in signing McGuinness in the last month for the British Invasion stable but WWE got to him first.

There is still said to be interest from WWE in other ROH talents, at least three. WWE creative members have been instructed to watch ROH’s TV show and come up with ideas for their stars that would be considered “WWE worthy” performers.

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