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Update on Paige’s injury


We noted before how former Diva’s Champion Paige appeared to have suffered a head injury while competing in a 6 Women Tag match during a Live Event from Uniondale, New York.

At that point, no further details were known about her condition, however earlier today Mick Foley revealed via the following tweet that she is doing much better:

While Foley didn’t reveal anything more regarding the spot or her health, the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed some more light on the situation.

According to it, the injury occurred when Paige missed what appeared to be a drop kick or hard kick from Sasha Banks. She was not ready for the move and it allegedly stunned her.

As noted before, a stretcher was brought in but the former Diva’s Champion managed to walk out of the arena on her own. She was also seen in the hotel bar after the show so it’s believed that the damage was not very serious.

While exact details about her injury are still unknown the belief is that she suffered a mild stinger. No word yet on if she will be missing any time due to this but we’ll keep you posted.

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