Update on Santino Marella’s Neck and What He’s Been Doing, Significant WWE Network Purchase

– For the WWE Network, WWE recently purchased positioning on a c-band satellite transponder, which is what cable networks use to send their signals. The WWE Network is now on the same transponder as the Bloomberg and Reelz networks. Networks usually share transponders to share costs and this shows that WWE is paying a significant amount of money to transport a signal that would normally be used by cable & satellite companies to bring in a station. This could lead to a lot of speculation about what WWE has planned for the Network but WWE sources say it’s nothing of significance.



– Apparently Santino Marella’s neck is so bad that he will have to undergo fusion surgery at some point. Santino has been promoting his own wrestling shows at his BattleArts school in Canada. Santino wants the shows to be like the BattleArts promotion in Japan, which is shoot style but worked, with a more realistic in-ring style and more focus on submissions. Former WWE star and current New Japan star Harry “DH” Smith recently appeared on Santino’s shows.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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