Update on Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman’s arrest and what he was busted for, his response

As we previously noted, Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman was arrested at the airport in Los Angeles this past weekend. He was released Sunday after posting a $35,000 bail.



TMZ reported earlier today that X-Pac was arrested after attempting to bring marijuana and meth onto the plane, despite Waltman’s claim on Twitter that the arrest was not drug related. He was stopped at customs and was immediately taken to a local jail by officials. During the arrest, police realized that X-Pac had an outstanding warrant for a DUI.

Due to the quantity that he possessed, officials believed that Waltman was planning on selling the narcotics overseas. His inventory consisted of three cannabis chocolate bars, two THC liquid cigarettes, and 38 methamphetamine capsules. He also had $736.10 in cash on his person.

Waltman’s history of abusing narcotics was so severe that he was already on a Customs & Border Patrol watch-list, leading to him being caught by drug-sniffing dogs. After going through customs his name was flagged, causing the dogs to come over and soon bust him.

Cops believe the large quantity of cash on Waltman’s person could have been from previous narcotic sales. If convicted he is looking at up to four years in prison. Waltman recently released a statement to TMZ and claimed his innocence:

“I know the truth will come out. In the meantime, oh what a mess man.”

He also took to Twitter to defend himself:



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