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Update on Steve Austin Possibly Wrestling at WrestleMania 29 or 30

Earlier it was reported that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be wrestling one final match at either WrestleMania 29 or 30, both Austin and Jim Ross have taken to Twitter to shoot down those rumors.

Steve Austin himself re-tweeted a message on Tuesday afternoon that stated, Don’t listen to any dirtsheet or bleacher report! @steveaustinBSR will say if and when he’s wrestling again, and that’s the bottom line.

Jim Ross then followed up with a series of Tweets further debunking the rumors:

“Sources/’media’ saying @steveaustinBSR will wrestle at WM29 have zero credibility. Less than zero. IF Austin ever returns, HE’LL make call.”

“4 the anal retentive, this ain’t cryptic..@steveaustinBSR has NO plans to have ‘one more match’ and IF he changes his mind, HE decides.”

“Total BS. RT @SlicedTeaDotCom: @JRsBBQ @steveaustinBSR read today that he will wrestle at 30, won’t be ready physically or mentally by 29”

  • SYM

    I’m SYM and I approve of Tyson Kidd

  • DJ

    ??Austin vs. goldberg??

  • john

    Rock VS Austin for WWE championship.. huge story line run up attitude era style, just for these two!

  • Al


  • Wellsy

    Austin fears he will lose?! It’s bloody scripted!

  • d

    austin fears he will lose if he comes he is old.

  • barry horowitz

    stop riding some midcarders dick you faggot and get a life.

  • barry horowitz

    nick you’re a total fuckwad

  • Dr.Dre

    Austin vs Undertaker WM30…..they always have classic matches

    remember when the undertaker threw Austin through a window awesome

  • Undertaker

    Austin vs punk…….. heel orton vs Austin.

  • Nick

    ^ask your mother what sucks really means, as you probably are used to the word swallow?


    Tyson Kidd sucks.

  • savage

    nick u suck cock

  • Nick

    Austin needs to wrestle agaisnt Tyson Kidd and give Kidd the win.

  • Ok

    Not really fussed either way if Austin wrestles again unless its against the rock