Update From Trish Stratus, Reveals Number Of Contestants On “Tough Enough”

Trish Stratus sent out an email to her “Stratusphere” yoga studio clients regarding her whereabouts. The former WWE Women’s Champion says she has not been at her Toronto based yoga studio as of late because she is in Los Angeles, California filming WWE’s Tough Enough. She will be appearing as the program’s female trainer and mentor. Stratus notably reveals that the show will feature fourteen contestants (the first three seasons featured thirteen) and that she’s on a personal mission to have them and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin give yoga a try.



Here is her message:

Have you noticed something is missing from the studio… me!

Well, you may not have noticed but I have been in Los Angeles filming a new TV show! I have been asked to join host Stone Cold Steve Austin as the female trainer/mentor for 14 contestants all competing for the chance to become the next WWE Superstar or Diva. WWE is bringing back the show Tough Enough, which is set to debut Mondays at 8pm EST starting April 4. It has been quite the experience out here, the kids are giving their everything and boy are we dishing it out to them!

For any of you familiar with my former career – the WWE world, I am joined by Booker T and Bill DeMott and we are kicking these kids’ butts into shape – I, of course have been introducing them to yoga! And I have a personal mission to try to get Stone Cold too to give yoga a try! I’ll keep you updated on that.”

Stratus added yesterday on Twitter that she had the Tough Enough contestants do yoga. However, it was not her brand of relaxing “Stratusphere” yoga as she says they were left shaking and sweating.

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