Updated Details on WWE Planning Their Own Cable Network

– The planned WWE cable network is going to be a big part of the company re-branding that is going on. The idea is that they are doing their own network and don’t want it seen as a pro wrestling TV channel.



WWE is looking to air scripted programming and other programming that they can use their marketing concepts with. This would include marketing the characters and even touring with the new shows. The Harlem Globetrotters would be a perfect fit for this new concept but they aren’t doing sports right now. The concept was described as something like High School Musical or Dora the Explorer where you have a program, you merchandise the characters and go on tour.

WWE is also looking at using people like Drew Carey to come up with programming ideas.

The WWE network will feature a lot of wrestling still, with a lot of old footage airing. WWE is currently digitizing some of their footage and trying to upgrade it to HD for the network. The network will also show programs like NXT, Superstars and some of the recap shows that air internationally.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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