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UpUpDownDown debuts D&D series with host Ember Moon

The YouTube channel of New Day’s Xavier Woods, UpUpDownDown, has been mixing the world of gaming and wrestling for years now. In one of their most recent videos, however, they’ve jumped from the virtual world to tabletop gaming, as they’ve begun a Dungeons and Dragons series called Rollout.

Rollout features Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, Tyler Breeze, and developmental talent Brennan Williams, with Arthur Wright as their Dungeon Master.

Woods’ aspiration to combine wrestling and gaming cultures continues, it seems. Xavier Woods and the UpUpDownDown crew, along with other wrestlers like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, have been working for years to blend the two communities together, and while some people might not be into something like D&D, it’s possible that this could bring a completely different fanbase to the WWE.