Velvet Sky Speaks on Angelina Love Leaving TNA, The Beautiful People and More

– The Miami Herald recently conducted a lengthy interview with Velvet Sky. Candidly, the TNA Knockout gives her thoughts on Angelina Love’s shocking departure from TNA, how her former partner is doing these days, the future of “The Beautiful People” going forward, and much more. Here are a few highlights from the interview:



Her initial reaction to Angelina Love’s departure from TNA: “It came out of the blue,” Sky said. “We did three TV tapings. She was supposed to go to [TNA’s] Germany tour. The travel was booked, and the pay-per-view match was booked. It was supposed to be her and I against Sarita and Taylor Wilde.

“A week and a half after we finished the TV tapings is when I got the phone call, saying this is what happened. ‘Oh my God.’ TNA reassured me that Madison and I were going to keep the group going. They weren’t going to let the group die. They said we all worked so hard, and we were so good in that group. So we were excited about that.

“Angelina told both of us to keep it going strong. She said, `Don’t let anyone or anything ruin what we built.’ We won’t let anyone or anything ruin what we’ve work so hard to build. It’s not going to happen. Not on my time. That’s real. I mean that.”

How Angelina is doing nowadays: “I keep in contact with [Angelina]. She is doing OK, and she is going to be just fine,” Sky said. “There was a lot of negative stuff that was said about her on the Internet like why she got fired, what’s going to happen. You can’t always believe what you read on the Internet.”

Whether “The Beautiful People” will have a new leader as a result of Angelina’s departure from the group: “I don’t think there is a need for a leadership role in The Beautiful People. Who’s to say I’m better than her, or she’s better than me,” Sky said. “I don’t think The Beautiful People ever needed a leadership role. I view us as equals, 50/50. I think we should have the same amount of promo time, ring time, whatever the case may be. It’s a team.”

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