Velveteen Dream responds to John Cena

John Cena hyped up the NXT brand during a Q&A session at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. While discussing his time down at the Performance Center, Cena stated that Velveteen Dream could be “The One.”



WWE posted a video of Cathy Kelly mentioning Cena’s praise for Dream, showing some fan interest in a possible matchup between the two superstars. Velveteen Dream has caught the eyes of many fans and wrestlers alike and being at such a young age, he can only improve from here. Cena’s comments made their way back to dream, who responded, saying “Real Recognize Real”… Which should explain why many of U CAN’T SEE DREAM!”

Velveteen Dream responded to WWE’s video, saying that he’s ready to take on John Cena whenever he wants. Would you like to see Cena and the Vainglorious One take each other on in a Dream match?

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