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Velveteen Dream says WWE legends shouldn’t return to WWE

Velveteen Dream Hollywood

  • CC

    And from that list above. If he was physically able to do it, if Stone Cold stepped back in the ring, you can better your bottom dollar ratings would be up big time.

  • CC

    Certain legends, yeah, but the fact is if a legend can still go and can be used to help enhance younger talent by helping get them over, then to say “no legend should return” is ridiculous.
    Plus, from a marketing point of view, fans can complain all they want, but some of these legends bring in more viewers than the younger guys, so those complaining are in the minority.

    Look at Jericho as an example. The guy is a legend of the business, can still go and is a major draw. Factor in that he is even more so now, one of the most talked about guys in the business and had one of the best angles in recent WWE history with the list. Why would you not want him to return?

  • Will Henderson

    Dream is right, focus on the present talent, the older talent had their moment.

  • The Random Reader

    I pick Dave Batista to return