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Velveteen Dream sends a personal message to…Vince McMahon!

The Velveteen Dream has been delivering like a madman ever since he rose to fame in late 2017. The young up and comer has a never before seen bizarre charisma and some more. However, this time around, he might have caught everyone’s attention; even Vince McMahon’s.

Velveteen Dream came out victorious at NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV against EC3. Dream dripped in finesse per usual with his eerie attire. However, when he turned around to do his trademark hip gesture, he revealed something very interesting.

“Call me up Vince”, these words were printed on the buttocks of one Velveteen Dream. He showed it off proudly to the delight of the audience in attendance as well as of those who watched from elsewhere.

  • Fire this man!

    I was finished. There was no need for you to chime in.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Please stop talking….

  • Fire this man!

    It doesn’t. I’m not saying that hatred based on skin color or country of origin doesn’t exist, just that racism is not an accurate term for it. It’s like using the term “illegal immigrant”. The word immigrant, by definition, is someone who has legally come to live in a different country than the one in which they were born. The correct term is illegal alien.

  • BB

    Dude, “rasicm doesn’t exist” is the most ludricous thing I’ve heard all day, hahaha.

  • Fire this man!

    First off, racism doesn’t exist since we’re all related in some way. Secondly, I don’t not like him because he’s black, I don’t like him because I don’t like stupid stuff.

  • pitfallharry219

    Dang, bro. Chill with the thinly-veiled racism among all your alt accounts.

  • Fire this man!

    I wish it had said “Fire me Vince”. That’s what needs to happen.