Vickie Guerrero and AJ Continue RAW Storyline, Possible Match

– WWE’s website caught up with Vickie Guerrero and RAW General Manager AJ Lee after last night’s show where AJ attacked Vickie in the ring.



The two have played their feud up on Twitter but Vickie told the cameras that AJ has not seen the last of her yet. Vickie vented about AJ abusing her power and said she would have the last word after talking with WWE’s Board of Directors.

While Vickie was upset, AJ was all smiles when the cameras caught up with her. AJ repeated that she was the General Manager of RAW and said it was her job to put on the best show possible. AJ repeated the same thing when asked if she’s worried about Vickie pursuing disciplinary actions against her.

AJ has teased recently that she could book herself in a match if needed and it looks like her first opponent as General Manager may be Vickie Guerrero.

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