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Vickie Guerrero provides explanation as to why Chris Benoit should be in WWE Hall Of Fame

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe many us love Chris Benoit the wrestler.

    The only good thing out of that horrible time is WWE is finally taking a stand so it never happens again. No WWE is not perfect but they are trying and that all you can ask.

    But no Chris Benoit will never be in the Hall of Fame it would just look bad.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    They still haven’t proved that he was the one who murdered his family. The police imo jumped to that conclusion way too fast. No way they could know that just 24 hours after finding the bodies. The official story doesn’t add up if you ask me.

  • stephen mccord

    This comment deserves to be highlighted bt all articles related to Benoit. I do find it strange that wwe will allow those who committed suicide in. I have no doubt if Benoit only killed himself he would be deemed a tragic loss and would be inducted. But, because he killed his family he is now a monster. Mental Illness is still a stigma, and people will look past it. He was not well mentally, and no one knows what went through his head at that moment. Not saying put him in HoF, but we shouldnt be so quick to judge him when there is substantial. Evidence to prove he was just as much a victim as his family.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Very well said. And I highly agree. He deserved to be in there, but shouldnt be in there.

  • CC

    Benoit is such a difficult subject to be full objective on as there are so many facets to both him and and the murder suicide. There is no doubt that wrestling played a part in what he did as the brain damage he suffered over the years was a direct result of his job. That said, would people be so willing to come to his defense if it were not because he was a wrestler? If he was a normal guy who did a job that resulted in the same brain damage, I doubt anyone would be so willing to accept it was not 100% his fault?

    I was a massive Benoit fan, and still am (the wrestler, not the man).

    It does sadden me that he will never be in the hall of fame, but at the same time no way should he be in there. Regardless of what caused his actions, you cannot ignore them just to put him in the HoF.
    So no, he should never go in.

    That said, to try to ignore his matches etc is silly.

    They are part of history and watching his matches does not glorify him or make you somehow support what he did. They are historical parts of wrestling history, and should just be watched for what they are, great wrestling matches.

  • This is a bad take.