Vickie Guerrero Responds to Recent Social Media Drama with Eddie’s Family Members

– The Guerrero family feud continues online. Following Vickie Guerrero’s departure from WWE last week, she issued a farewell letter on addressing her co-workers and fans. Two members of the Guerrero family, however, did not take too kindly to her letter and proceeded to lash out at her via social media.



“She thanked everyone except the family of who’s name she uses,” Penny Guerrero, wife of Hector Guerrero (Eddie’s elder brother), wrote on Twitter – the message has since been deleted. She continued to blast Vickie in a series of messages, including saying she degraded the Guerrero name.

This was followed by Hector slamming Vickie on Facebook for selling out to the McMahon family: “Lately, I’ve been asked a lot of news concerning Vickie ( Lara ) Guerrero & there needs to be a clarification of her status as referred to the family. The truth is after Eddie’s induction to wwe’s hall of fame she sold out to the mcmanns regarding Eddie’s name etc & fell out of touch with all the true Guerrero’s. She has never even tried to stay in touch with my mother – The true Mamacita of the Guerrero’s. This is the truth & I’m tired of saying nothing about it, but I believe you the fans deserve to know this truth.”

Penny added on Facebook, “My husband is right to finally tell the truth. We have protected her lie long enough. She hurt the family and the Mama Guerrero. The family especially Linda and her husband Gil did a lot for her after Eddies passing then for the all mighty dollar she turned her back after she sold out Eddies name. She blamed Eddies brothers for his additions in a nasty letter after all the family had done for her. Then hasn’t spoken to any of the family at all since the Hall of Fame after Eddies passing. Now that is part of the real Vickie and we haven’t even tipped the iceberg yet only scrapped it. So before anyone blast us remember we know the real person not the TV one all the fans see.”

Vickie addressed their barbs this afternoon in a brief message on Twitter after a fan wrote to her, “W/ the way Hector and Penny Guerrero are running around talking **** about Vickie, I wonder why Vickie doesn’t want anything to do with them.”

Vickie wrote back, “I am free from their chaos and negative lives…hope they find peace.”

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