Vickie Guerrero Taking Time Off?, Update on HBK Hunting, Eve Torres News

– WWE Diva Eve Torres and Rener Gracie will be hosting a Women Empowered self defense seminar for women this Thursday at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien, Washington. More information can be found at or by calling 206-412-0384.



– It was announced earlier that Activision Hunts is doing a contest on Facebook where the winner can hunt with Shawn Michaels in New York City as he promotes Activision’s Dangerous Hunts video game. The winner won’t actually be hunting with Shawn. He clarified on Twitter this afternoon and said it’s not an actual hunt, but the winner will be playing against him in the video game.

– As noted earlier, Michelle McCool wrote on Twitter last night that Vickie Guerrero inspires her, after apparently teasing a return to WWE.

Vickie responded to her this afternoon and indicated that she also may be taking time off soon. Vickie wrote: “@McCoolMichelleL you inspire me everyday!!! My turn to take some time off…!”

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