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Video: FCW Star Dean Ambrose Confronts Mick Foley In Miami

– The following video appeared online of FCW star Dean Ambrose confronting Mick Foley in Miami over the weekend. No word yet if this part of a storyline or not.

Ambrose had a promo work and a tryout match against JTG at last night’s RAW in Miami. Word is that he’s ready to be called up.

  • poko

    I hope Ambrose gets a big push. His character has a few screws loose, which would make him stand out against all the other ‘tough guy’ heels the WWE has now. They desperately need someone with personality.

    Also, Mic was great in this. I would like to see him in a storyline where he was angry rather than comedic.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Ofcourse this is blatantly a work.

  • xXx

    accountable is the name of dean ambrose’s finisher..

  • Hofgen

    It would have been great if what he said made any sense at all, he might have gotten a worthwhile response from Mick if he didn’t make himself look like an idiot.

  • cakes

    lol of course it’s a work, why else would they be recording it. But that was still entertaining and Foley has always been the god of putting over other performers. you’re pretty much destined to be a star after a program with mick

  • Prince

    If it’s real, he’s not doing himself any favors by confronting a WWE Legend like that.

  • Prince

    I hope this is a work, because I’d love to see Foley come back and put over Ambrose. Would really help him get over fast.

  • Aaron

    yeah does anyone know is that real?