Video Indicates WWE Had ECW Title Plans for Evan Bourne, Backstage PPV News

Partial source: F4Wonline



– It’s believed that a rookie named Kidman has taken over the role of timing WWE programming since Gerald Brisco has been dealing with his strokes and heart surgery. Coincidentally, the last two WWE pay-per-views since the new guy took over have had bad timing issues. One former WWE worker said, “He screws up and midjudges and gives girls extra time, then realizes he paced wrong and the main event ends up short. Brisco’s job is very tough and very important.”

– Below is a video of Evan Bourne that has surfaced. It looks like something that was shot and never used and could indicate that WWE had plans for Bourne to hold the ECW Championship before he was sent to the RAW brand. Here’s the clip:


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