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Video: Mauro Ranallo fires shots at WWE during MMA event

Mauro Ranallo recently called a mixed martial arts (MMA) event, Rizin FF 5: Sakura, over the weekend in Yokohama, Japan, and took a shot at the WWE while at the commentary desk for the banned term of  “Professional wrestler”:

“Professional wrestler – and boy does it feel good to be able to use that term again – turned mixed martial artist, the Alpha Female Jazzy Gabert!” Mauro said as Gabert approached the cage.

Ranallo is not expected to return to WWE TV and the company has already reportedly entered settlement talks with the SmackDown Live commentator’s representatives. You can watch Ranallo’s shot at the WWE here:

(quotes via Wrestling Inc.)

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Not a big fan of his anyway. I believe Smackdown broadcasting been much better. I also not into all the JBL can’t do his job he one of the best at what he does. To bad the Internet don’t like him he not going anywhere so you have to suck it up butter cup.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Yeah, it’s the only reason that I can think of why they insist on having 3 or 4 person announce teams. I feel like it’s because it’s so scripted that they are constantly being told what to say through their headset, etc. that it’s the only way they can manage the content…?

  • MindTricked

    The list was definitely posted here, and yeah, it’s so controlled and micro-managed that I wouldn’t want to go near it as a profession (not in the WWE, at least).

  • I don’t recall if it was on here or which wrestling site I saw it but a few years ago there was a leaked list of all the words and phrases that announcers were banned from using and what they should use instead and some of them made sense but most were incredibly idiotic and really tried the hands of the announcers compared to what they used to be able to say which made announcing great. When I saw that list that was several pages long, it made me feel really bad for the announcers having to work with those kind of handcuffs on them. I’ve always seen announcing as kind of a dream job (a dream I’m sure I will never pursue) but that list really killed a lot of my interest in pursuing it as a career.