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Video: RAW announcer switches brands, full list of Superstars RAW received

WWE Superstar Shakeup

Following last night’s (Mon. April 10, 2017) episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, commentator Byron Saxton was announced to be heading over to SmackDown Live, while David Otunga is set to replace him. You can watch Saxton’s reaction video to the news here:

Here are the full list of Superstars received by RAW on yesterday’s first day of the Superstar Shakeup:

* Apollo Crews comes to RAW from SmackDown
* The Miz comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Maryse comes to RAW from SmackDown
* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Curt Hawkins comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Bray Wyatt comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Kalisto comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Heath Slater and Rhyno come to RAW from SmackDown
* Alexa Bliss comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Mickie James comes to RAW from SmackDown
* David Otunga comes to RAW from SmackDown
* Byron Saxton comes to SmackDown from RAW

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  • MrDr3w

    NO-Tunga! *clap* *clapclap*

    What about “The Drifter” to RAW from NXT?

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  • CC

    Kalisto was lost on SD, so only makes sense for him to go to RAW to be part of 205 division.
    Curt Hawkins makes no difference what show he is on, when you consider how poorly he has been handled.

    With title holders or challengers being traded, it means that either there will be a like for like swap (SD gets Owens for instance) or title matches at Payback will be the decider. If they announce Brock to SD, then that probably means Bray will get the win.
    If Jericho is traded to SD, then he will get the win at Payback.
    I really cannot see them overloading one show with titles, and depleting the other, especially when RAW already has an extra title in the Cruiserweight belt.

    Hopefully with James and Bliss coming over, it means we will break up this boring Bailey, Sasha and Charlotte back and forth by trading at least one of them.

  • oppa

    We now know who will be JBL’s next victim.