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Bo Dallas On Why His Main Roster Call Up In WWE Has Worked


On Transitioning To The Main Roster:

“It feels unbelievable. What you’ve gotta remember, NXT — the developmental system — is a smaller crowd, more like what you were talking about. But coming up to WWE with bigger crowds, you just gotta remember and stay true to yourself and not doubt yourself and know that everything is going to be okay. If you BOLIEVE in yourself, everybody is going to BOLIEVE in you.”

On Adapting To a Bigger Crowd:

“A little bit but I would say for the majority of everything I do everything the same. If it works, it works; don’t change it. That’s what some guys do. If you start doubting yourself, people will see that. I just BOLIEVED in myself and hopefully everybody else BOLIEVES and I think it’s working out okay.”

  • Asturias_Knytt

    ^ This is the wrestling fan of today. They cheer Cena and Reigns but fail to see a great and deep gimmick that’s a slow boil into a full on heel turn. He could be the modern day Jake the Snake.

  • jedi

    he has those one liners that make me laugh honestly!

  • Solid

    Is it just me or does anyone else find his gimmick annoying? no heel heat or anything, just a ‘I’m going to flip channels while he’s on screen’ feeling.