Videos: Dolph Ziggler Welcomes All IC Title Challengers, The Bella Twins on AJ Lee’s “Vacation”



– Part 1 of Fallout from this week’s WWE RAW, seen above, features The Bella Twins discussing AJ Lee’s return and Paige. Nikki Bella congratulated herself on retaining the Divas Title and knocked AJ for taking a 6 month vacation in Hawaii. Brie Bella said her vacation is over and AJ has now walked into the deadliest storm.

– Part 2 of this week’s RAW Fallout features Dolph Ziggler in possession of Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental Title. Ziggler took credit for everyone wanting to be Intercontinental Champion again. Ziggler welcomed all challengers, including Daniel Bryan, and dared any Superstar to try and take the belt from him. Ziggler will be in the Ladder Match for the IC Title at WrestleMania 31.

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