The View From Down Under: WWE A Year In Review

(this is an article for an Australian Wrestling Magazine, unfortunately the Magazine has been put on hold)



As we approach the first Pay Per View of the year 2014, WWE Royal Rumble, , we can look back at the past 12 months and think about what a rollercoaster of a ride the WWE gave us. We had the end of the longest reigning WWE champion in 25 years, the rise of Daniel Bryan to main event status and the emergence of stables The Shield, The Wyatt Family and 3MB (although their rise wasn’t very high!). We also had terrible PPV endings, predictable PPV endings, injuries to main stars and the emergence of a new corporation.



We would tune into the WWE not knowing if we were going to get the good, the bad or the ugly from WWE creative, but we tuned in anyway and did get to see some great moments, matches, and promos.

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