The View from Down Under: Xmas Presents For WWE Superstars

With Santa coming tonight (Australian time) I thought I would suggest to some gifts he could bring some of the WWE superstars which will help them make 2014 better than their 2013. The likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Shield and The Wyatt Family have had a great 2013 so all Santa needs to give them this year is DVD of 2013. As for some of the other WWE Superstars….well:




santa mick


To Mark Henry & Christian – There is only one gift both these two superstars need, and that is a Healing Potion. These two spent more time out of the ring than inside the ring in 2013, yet both managed to produce memorable performances in 2013. Mark Henry’s Promo and Christian’s matches against Alberto Del Rio show both these aging superstars can still deliver……as long as they stay injury free!!


healing potion


To 3MB – Santa needs to give this stable a Winning streak. While The Shield and The Wyatt Family have dominated the WWE, this stable has been used as fodder for other superstars. However these three are just as talented in the ring as the other stables, and only need some momentum from a winning streak and a goal, to move from the status of jobber to that of another dominate stable in the WWE.


winning streak


To The Usos –Santa will give them the Tag Team Titles that they deserve. In a year where the tag team division has grown, and developed into a legitimate division, the Usos deserve a run as champions, as they perform every time they step inside the ring, have held their own against The Shield, and The Real Americans. They took their time, developed a fan base, have one of the best entrances in the business and are currently over with the fans. All they need is those titles to cement their progression from gimmick tag team, to the best tag team in the WWE.


tag team title


To Alberto Del Rio – Santa has his work cut out here, as ADR has the in ring skills and ability he just lakes the connection to fans outside Mexico. So for Xmas this year I think ADR needs some charisma, something that will allow him to connect to the fans, make us want to either cheer whole hardily for him, or despise him because of his character and not because we are just sick of the sight of the man!!




To The Great Khali and Hornswoggle – both these superstars should be receiving a pat on the back, a beautiful gold watch and shown the door. Both these superstars have out stayed their used by date in the WWE. The both had their purposes in the transition from the ruthless aggression era to the pg era, but now they are hindering the WWE product. Hornswoggle had his amusing moments, but now is about a funny as Scary Movie 5. The Great Khali is just plan sad to watch, even walking to the ring he looks like he is in pain. The WWE does not need these sideshow acts now it is starting to deliver some good story writing.


gold watch


To The Undertaker – As we approach Wrestlemania season, there is only 1 gift we need The Undertaker to receive. And that is one more great match. Whether it is against John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Kane or someone else, Wrestlemania 30 needs to be his last hurrah. I have enjoyed the past 10 years as the Streak has become a must of the Wrestlemania card, but all good things mauct come to an end, and this is the perfect time and place for it to happen. Personally I would be happy with either John Cena being his last match as it would be the perfect end to a great career for the Undertaker and a one of the few missing highlights of Cena’s career.


cena and The Undertaker


Whatever Santa brings the WWE superstars this year, for us WWE fans let us hope he brings some great matches, moments and stories in 2014!


Hooroo and have a great xmas


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