Vin Diesel Brutally Goes After Jason Momoa

According to, there appears to be brewing tension within the Fast & Furious franchise as actor Vin Diesel directs blame towards his co-star, Jason Momoa, for the negative reception of their latest installment, Fast X. The film, which boasted a staggering budget of $340 million, was released by Universal on May 19 and was met with scathing reviews that described it as “convoluted,” “congested,” and “predictably ridiculous.”



Sources close to the matter have disclosed that Diesel, who not only starred in the film but also served as its producer, seems unwilling to accept any responsibility for the poor critical reception. Instead, he has reportedly decided to throw Momoa under the bus, despite the fact that the actor received praise from critics as one of the few bright spots in the movie.

An insider revealed, “Vin is embarrassed that Jason is being singled out as the only positive aspect of the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself.” Diesel has allegedly been vocal about his belief that Momoa’s “overacting” and “scene-stealing” undermined the overall quality of the film. This, despite the fact that Fast X managed to open strongly at the box office, indicating that audiences were still drawn to the high-octane action the franchise is known for.

Reportedly, Diesel has already begun subtly attacking Momoa, who joined the Fast & Furious franchise with a reported salary of $5 million to portray the flamboyant villain Dante. Sources suggest that Momoa has become aware of Diesel’s attempts to tarnish his reputation.

Another source involved in the matter stated, “Jason is aware that he’s currently riding a wave of popularity, and Vin is envious of him. But he doesn’t appreciate Vin’s attempts to poison the public’s perception of him. This situation has the potential to become one of Hollywood’s next major feuds.”

It’s worth noting that Diesel has a history of on-set conflicts, most notably with former co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with whom he clashed for years. Recently, it was announced that Johnson would be making a cameo appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise after taking a hiatus to pursue other projects.

Given the significant paychecks Momoa has been receiving, sources believe that he has become an easy target for Diesel’s frustrations. However, insiders warn against being deceived, pointing out that Fast X was Diesel’s brainchild, and therefore, he should bear the responsibility for its outcome.


Harrison Carter
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