Vince Bans Multiple Violent Matches In WWE

WWE has undergone massive changes in terms of its product over the years. Some fans might want to see a return to the Attitude Era’s heavier content, but others are just fine with sports entertainment. WWE is certainly raking in a lot more money as a family-friendly company, and that’s not going to stop.



It is important to mention that WWE utilized gimmick matches to occupy their television programming, with certain matches being exceptionally intense. This was a response to the era when Jerry Springer was garnering immense daytime viewership, which was subsequently replaced by WWE’s not safe for work programming during nighttime.

Ringside News recently discussed this idea with a tenured member of the WWE creative team. We were told that certain matches will not be back, no matter how much fans might love them.

“We were told that there are “lots of banned matches” at this point. Fans should never expect to see a bra and panties match happening again. It was also noted that first blood and barbed wire matches are also a thing of the past in WWE.”

“It was also noted to us that “blading will never return to WWE.” That has been a long-controversial way of bringing “color” to matches in the form of real blood. Now, WWE has a much different philosophy when it comes to that subject.”

WWE strives to offer superior entertainment to its fans worldwide. However, some fans may long for the violent bloodshed that was once a part of WWE’s repertoire. For those fans, historical footage is readily available to relive those past moments.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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