Vince Comments on Linda’s Opponents, HBK on Danielson’s Release, More

– This past Thursday’s WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.66 cable rating with 667,000 viewers. The replay later on scored an 0.16 rating with 128,000 viewers.



– Shawn Michaels was asked on Twitter about reports that he was angry at WWE for releasing Bryan Danielson. Michaels replied with the following: “”no I wasn’t mad i didn’t even know till 2wks later as I was huntin in ND not really my biz really.”

– Vince McMahon was interviewed by The Associated Press about his wife Linda’s political opponents using WWE footage against her. Vince feels that her opponents have “taken snippets of footage out of context” and “left out the soap opera elements leading up to those moments.”

McMahon admitted that WWE made some mistakes in the past but says two years ago they made the change to a more family-friendly product.

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